Monday, April 15, 2013

WEEK 49- Missionary Superbowl

Man, was Conference sweet, or what?!?! This is gonna be short, because we're about to run out the door to D.C. for the day, but I wanted to make sure to get this in!

General Conference is often referred to as "The Missionary Super Bowl" because it's this HUGE event that we all look forward to, prepare for, invite everyone to come to, then just soak up. Conference really means so much more as a missionary and I REALLY hope I can keep that after my mission.
It's so amazing coming in with multiple questions written down and watching as the Lord answers all of them (some multiple times) through His servants.

One notable experience we had that I'd like to share this week happened last Monday. On Sunday, we were asked by a member to help him administer a priesthood blessing on a friend of his, so we went and helped, and he asked us to check back in with him later that week. That night, planning, Elder Porter felt like we should go visit him the NEXT DAY... I had not received the same prompting, but I've always been told to never interfere with the miraculous flow of revelation to a new missionary, so we went and visited the next day. We weren't there for 5 minutes when he pulled us aside, sat us down and said the blessing, and our willingness to provide it, really "opened his eyes" and he was willing and ready to learn more and investigate the church. It was amazing to see how prepared he was as he came to us after we followed Elder Porter's inspiration.

So, Conference, conference, conference... anyone have any favorite talks? I had like 50! I have no doubt, and the word of God was shared with us this week through His prophets and apostles. Please, I challenge you to re-read your notes, re-read the talks, and set goals for your life. Hearing is good. Doing is great. Becoming is the challenge we all fight for. It is my prayer that we may all become what the Lord has in mind for us and learn from what he communicated to us this week...

Well, our ride is here! gotta run! Love you all!

-Elder Hodgosn

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