Monday, October 22, 2012

WEEK 24- Priesthood practice

 Matthew had some Family stuff to discuss and council for his sister so this is a short letter this week…

So, this week has been crazy busy! The first door I ever knocked on? like my first day in the field?  She is embracing the gospel and wants to be baptized.  That was pretty exciting… she wants to be baptized soon.

Sorry this is so late. One thing about being in a bike area.... if the car is on errands and the weather is wet,   that leaves Elder C and I in the apartment all day. We had fun, but didn't get out much... haha Wrote a bunch of letters though, so I'm getting caught up on that.

Yesterday was Zone conference from 9-4, so that was pretty insane too!!! It was sooo good though! Tons of fun, tons of spirit, and a little scariness too!! haha during our practice teaching, President Riggs came and sat in on Elder Cannon and my lesson. I got crazy nervous for some reason! Go figure, put me on a stage, and I'll do ANYTHING, but ask me to teach in front of an authority figure? can't do it haha. I think part of the anxiety came from being a trainer too

In Zone Conference, we learned a little bit about the implications of the new age change... Our mission is expected to hit 250 missionaries by next summer! We're at 170 now, so that's quite the jump!!! They say we'll probably end up with multiple companionship per area... It's gonna be crowded, but it's gonna be good great as the service goes forward!!!

I think the story of the week though is Fred. He was a referral we received this week that just had one note on it: "requested priesthood blessing." So, after playing phone tag for a couple days (something very typical with referrals) we finally got a hold of him. I was really nervous about giving the blessing. Something told me that he would ask me to, and it freaked me out. This is something I haven't told many people, but I am often very insecure in my priesthood. I guess it's just that I feel unpracticed. I feel... I don't know. It's not feelings that come from the Lord though. I try to humbly accept the opportunities that come our way so  I can to use the priesthood and help fight those feelings. Well, I hadn't given a blessing in a while, and I was really nervous, and of course he asked me to give the blessing. After teaching him a bit about the priesthood and where it comes from, Elder Cannon anointed him for the blessing, and afterwards it was my turn to seal. Feeling the final pangs of inadequacy, I prayed and shoved them aside, then just began. Jeffrey R. Holland once said: "The moment you submit to the powers of heaven is the moment that you stop talking and the spirit starts. And that is when the world trembleth." I felt that as I was blessing Fred. I stopped talking and the spirit started, and I could feel the presence of the spirit as it helped me bless him. Throughout the blessing, tears streamed down Fred's face as he repeated under his breath: "Thank you Lord. Thank you." When I finished, my face was also wet with tears, not because of the blessing I had spokem, but because of the blessing that had been received. It wasn't my blessing I had given, it was  the Lord’s  and it was a huge blessing to me to be a part of it.
Love you all, and I'll talk to ya next week!
- Elder Hodgson

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