Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 26 - Frankenstorm -

Well, I think the big news of the week that most people are waiting to hear about is Hurricane Sandy, the "Frankenstorm." Lots of research and preparation went into this week, and we were WAAAYYYY ready for it. We haven't heard from other areas of the mission yet, but honestly, it was boring here in Ashburn. It was bad enough that no missionary work could be done, but not bad enough to be entertaining. A few elders and I actually put on shorts and t-shirts to go for a run before a mission-wide text went out that said: "Hope everyone is inside and safe. Beware of downed power lines." We stayed in. haha
Most of our week was wiped due to gathering supplies for 72 hour kits, setting up member homes to go to in case it gets bad enough, and filling our stores with bottled water. It was pretty crazy and we were all excited, then it decided to take it easy on us. haha.
So, we were inside for torrential downpour and 45 mph winds for a good two days, but nothing too exciting. Our power didn't even go out. I think we had one grid in the zone go down... haha. We're out and about looking for service now and can't even find one downed tree!!! It's a blessing, and somewhat of a dissappointment. I was hoping for an adventure... haha
So, we're all here now, and it's halloween!!! So, we're gathering at the Stake center tonight to eat pizza and watch Madagascar 3 and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Sounds like it's gonna be fun!
By way of missionary work, the real story is Tony. He's so amazing and a HUGE blessing. I can see very plainly the hand of the Lord in bringing him here to Ashburn. We taught him all the discussions this week every morning at 7:30. Then his baptismal interview was Sunday and he is just stoked now! His entire baptismal program to him is not a day for him, but an opportunity for him to share his new love of the Gospel and his increased fiath with the world. He's inviting EVERYBODY to his baptism and the entire program is designed with the question in mind of "how can I bring the spirit more strongly?" It's amazing. I was asked to play 2 piano solos for it, so I'm practicing up and hoping I can perpetuate the spirit there.
That's mostly it other than waiting out the storm, haha. Know that we're safe, that we're ready to serve others in the area, and we're ready to keep moving forward with the work!
Hurrah for Israel!
-Elder Hodgson

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