Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WEEK 45 - training again

Hey Everyone! Lots of  fun news this week! haha I'll get typing! first of all, I forgot to include the police story last week... It wasn't anything too exciting. We were just trying to drop off a BofM to a family that requested one at the D.C. Temple visitor’s center, and they called the cops on us. We assumed they weren't home and started riding away, and the cops tracked us down and pulled us over! they asked what we were in the area for and we told them, and they're like: "Oh! Well, they're home they just got scared. They're definitely there though if you want to go back." So we did! haha and delivered it successfully.

My last week with Elder Ray was an adventure! we had Zone sports last P-day, and I played and my leg didn't kill me the day after!!! I was so excited!!

Last Tuesday was I think my favorite district meeting so far.   We talked a lot about resolving concerns and how people's concerns are like icebergs. We can only see a little bit of them. Then we practice taught the rest of the time! I had written all these little slips of paper with concerns on them and the "investigators" would draw them from a hat, and they would use the Spirit to resolve that concern. It was way cool!

Then came transfer calls... And I was asked to train again!!! Which is awesome, because i LOVE training!!! Wednesday night, the power went out, so I gave myself a haircut in the dark 5 minutes before the lights came back on... haha

Then Thursday was transfers!! We showed up ready to go, and sure enough they had LOTS of new missionaries!!! It was awesome!!! We started with the trainers meeting, which was great, and something else totally blew my mind! There was this sister there who was training who just got here last transfer!!! She's been out here FIVE WEEKS and she's training!!! She's not even done getting trained yet herself!!! It blew my socks off, I was amazed.

Some funny anecdotes from transfers... There's one Elder, named Elder Boucher. President was having trouble pronouncing his name, and some missionaries in the crowd were coaching him: "It's [boo-share] in spanish and [boo-shay] in french, etc." I couldn't resist: "Or, there's [bow-chur] in american..." President Riggs has since called him Elder [Bow-chur].... haha

Another good one.... President was laying down the rules for Elder/Sister relationships more clearly for all of us... He began by stating the rules. Then he continued... "Now, this time is a perfect time to make LOTs of friends, and when you're home from your missions? Heck, I don't care, go for it! I'd LOVE to have mission babies!!!..... AFTER your missions are over!...." haha I don't think I've ever seen Sister Riggs so embarrassed....

More news as far as the mission split, and the long and short of the new news is: there is no new news. President Riggs explained to us his communications with Salt Lake, and the expectations they've given him for his mission. the expectations are as following: 1) Each ward in the mission will have 2 sets of missionaries 2) there will be 250 missionaries in the mission. As the mission is now with 8 stakes, 2 sets of missionaries in each ward would accommodate 360 some odd missionaries. So, there was definitely some writing on the wall there. What we know is that with the 6 remaining stakes after the split on July 1st, we will still have the capacity to fill our mission with 250 missionaries. We have 200 right now. President hasn't received any news as to whether he will be able to pull back his missionaries in those zones, or if they're going to drop our mission to about 150 and start slowly rebuilding it again.... They said 250 by summer, and with the split and inflow of missionaries we know we have over the next two transfers, 250 in the D.C. South mission would only be accomplishable by summer if we could keep all our missionaries. So, according to what we know, it looks hopeful, but still no concrete news....

The work here in Annandale has been crazy! We had few lessons this week, but got 4 referrals! Which is more than I think I've ever gotten in a full transfer!!!  Another funny story... We have a Family History missionary in our ward.... We also have a korean clothing store called "TRY" in the area. He though he'd go shopping there the other day only to find out it's Korean lengerie... imagine a lone missionary walking into a shop like that... must have looked funny!

So, like I said earlier, I'm training again! My new companion is Elder P . He's great! A little quiet at first, but a natural teacher and friend. One great story from yesterday. His bike hasn't shown up yet.... so, he's on mine right now and I have another... yes, after 10 months together, my bike and I have separated... She's with another man now... :'( haha but anyways, he blew a tire yesterday... so, we started carrying the bikes back towards home to replace the tube and someone pulled up in front of us. I thought it was a member offering a ride at first, but she was the only one in the car, and didn’t look like she could fit bikes... so, we'd still be walking. Then, she pulls up: "Hey, are you Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses?" We responded with the correct answer :) She then told us of a friend who was in the hospital who really needs God right now, and gave us her info, then drove off. Elder Porter just nodded his head and said: "yeah, that's why the tire popped." haha the Lord works in mysterious ways... He needed SOME way for us to be there right then... We'll be visiting this man, . Please keep him in your prayers.

Another funny thing... I have sister missionaries in my district now! It's weird having phone contact with sisters... I'm always stressing myself out: "Where's the line? How much is friendly, supportive district leader, and how much comes across as something else?  I think we are all good, but just weird at first.  They're a great addition to the group.

So, yeah, things are busy as ever! Between service, work, bike riding, and daylight savings, we're pretty wiped... But all is well! Ward Conference yesterday was great and we're getting REALLY excited for General Conference in a few weeks!!!

btw, two GREAT new mormon messages came out recently :) go check 'em out!!!

Love you all! See you next week!

-Elder Hodgson

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