Monday, March 18, 2013

week 46 - weighing the odds

What are the odds of two sets of missionaries, a mail man and and ice cream man all converging on the same apartment complex at once?

Well, apparently they're good enough, because it happened this week!! It was so funny. We were knocking on doors in the complex when the singles ward sisters showed up to check on a referral, then the ice cream man decided to join in right as the mailman was delivering!

It was kind of funny, too. I jokingly asked the mailman if he had any mail for us. "not today" he said, very seriously... I looked at him, and he said. "you live on commons dr, right? 4712? Number 302?" I wasn't sure whether to be impressed or creeped out.

We've been doing a lot of "cleaning out" of our area book, which means lots of work, lots of riding, lots of knocking on doors, and lots of people explaining to us why they stopped meeting with missionaries and why they don't want to again... It's a work that needs to be done periodically, but you have to be okay with biting it on numbers... haha we still actually did very well this week though!

We had an investigator who showed up in church yesterday from Moldova!!! It was so cool! I got to hear a little Russian!

We were at a members house last night doing a family visit, and one of the families from the Ashburn ward was there. That was way fun. little "full circle" feeling moment.  Gotta Love the mission!!

Oh, they switched my district up, too! They pulled the sisters we had and switched them with sisters from another district, so I have different sisters now! haha The singles ward sisters got moved to the district leader who used to cover GMU so they could get work on campus moving, so we're way excited

Pretty much, this week has been moving steadily. Next week is gonna fly though!!! We have zone training AND zone conference! Looking at my planner, the entire next week is almost full!!! I'm not sure how we're going to add  anything we find during the week! All I know is that the Lord provides a way and that His work gets done.

I'm just excited to see how He does it this week :D

Love you all!

-Elder Hodgson

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