Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Week 67- first week of the fast

First, an announcement!  Because mail is SO IMPORTANT to a missionary. …. The United States Postal Service will no longer be forwarding mail from the mission office to our apartments without monetary compensation. The dilemma thus remains that large pools of mail will be left in the mission office until such time as the zone leaders can pick it up. The solution: we will no longer request mail to be sent to the mission office! From now on, please send mail DIRECTLY to my apartment. I'll keep you posted on moves, that's my responsibility. Your responsibility is to no longer send mail to Burke ct. Also, with this new change, fedex and UPS are now acceptable forms of delivery, since both will go straight to the apartment. Well, that's the news, now my address! We live at
4911 Elm ct. #618
Manassas Park, VA
Hope to hear from you soon! ;)

Well, other than that, this week was only mostly super insane!!!
Last Monday, we converted more people to the zombie board game. It's pretty much just addicting (for pday use only , some must just fight the addiction).
Tuesday, we had an awesome district meeting! Our mission is trying to stop using the word "message!" No more "Hi, we're sharing a message about..." or "Do you have some time we could share a message about..." Nope, we just start teaching! i.e. - "You lived with our Heavenly Father before you came to earth, did you know that? He's sent you here as part of a great plan...." or "About 200 years ago, a young man was very confused and wanted to know which of all the churches was true. Have you ever wanted to know which of all the churches is true? Well, let me tell you what he did. You will find you can follow a similar pattern to find the answer for yourself..." …just TELL WHAT WE BELIEVE.  It's sweet! So, that's what district meetings was about. It was sweet.

For lunch, I tried Juevos Rancheros! It was really good, but I still can't figure out what the "Rancheros" was I had on my eggs.... all I know is it's tasty! :)

Then, we had an exchange with the APs! Last time I went to their area, this time I stayed right here in Manassas! It was a lot of fun! We taught a lesson to L that was  amazing! Top 10 most spiritual lessons of both our missions, easy! Words just can't explain it. It was just sacred.

The rest of the week we've been busy between teaching, member visits and meetings! We had another Stake Correlation with President Dionne, the new Stake President, and he's just amazing! He never ceases to amaze me. Nor does Brother Craigo, our Ward Mission Leader. It's sweet to see this work hastening!

We had a lot of good teaching experiences this week, and did some good stuff...
We started the 40 day fast, and it's going so well! As we are all cleansing the inner vessel, the outer work is picking up already! It's amazing!

This next week is going to be another busy one! Manassas battlefield today, another cleanse this week, a run to the office to pick up the zone's mail, two exchanges, and some awesome lessons already planned! It's gonna be good!
Sorry this week is a little short. We're trying to run to make sure we have time at the battlefield...
Love you all!!
- Matthew

P.S. - You're probably wondering about the pictures... Those were precautionary after our roommates’  car crash a couple weeks ago. We wore them to zone training last week for fun... freaked out some of the sisters... haha

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