Monday, August 26, 2013

WEEK 69- The Craziest

I have to begin (and I'll likely end) with apologies and groveling. This has been the craziest week of my mission! We had 42 new missionaries come into the mission this past week, which meant a LOT of shuffling. Leadership calls came in Monday and Elder Flaherty has been called to step down from being a zone leader and train a new missionary! He was wanting that so bad, so I'm glad he got it :) That also means I'm staying in Manassas! So, my Elm ct. address will be good for another 6 weeks :)
My new companion is Elder Gustafson. I'm training him as a new zone leader. He was in Ashburn with me for 2 transfers, and was Elder Cannons MTC comp, so we're excited for this transfer! We have a TON of fun stuff planned! He's from Canada, too :)
So, here's the part where my apology comes in. Because of the craziness happening (more details to come), I've had to spend most of my time today completing reports for the mission office :/ So, next week, I'm literally going to just sit down, type a GOOD report for the past two weeks, proofread it and make sure it's GOOD, and send it before I do ANYTHING else on the computer.
By way of preview (and to help me remember), here's a few things that happened this week:
-The Manassas 1st ward now has a companionship of Sisters we're assimilating into the ward.
-One of the sisters is from Cali!
-We had 42 new missionaries at transfers.
-we opened the overflow at transfers.
-A sister from Carmichael just arrived! I'm not alone from the Sac-town area!
-Elder Gustafson and I are working hard and having a blast!
-We've spent nearly all weekend getting people settled in, supplied and organized.
-We've still found time to do missionary work!
-The Lord is blessing our efforts with some very productive new friends.
-Our zone had 4 new areas open!
-Most of our zone is new missionaries (out less than 3 months)
-We grew! from 28 missionaries to 38!
-We saw at least 3 HUGE miracles this week.
-We gave multiple priesthood blessings.
-We had another musical fireside.
-It was incredible.
-We gave the sisters a lot of our investigators
-We found some new ones!
-This is HARD and BUSY
-I love it
-I can do all things with the Lord helping me
-I've seen it this week
-That's the only reason I'm not bedridden
-I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and true
Again, I'm sorry for the brevity. The office is overflowing, and well, I always offer to help out... which sometimes ends up with me being really swamped.
But hey, I love it that way.
The work is great. The people here are amazing and i'm loving every day!
Love you all!
Until my REALLY GOOD letter next week!  J
I'm sorry again.
-Elder Hodgson
pics: look what we found!!!
Me and the Olsons, a senior couple serving in Ashburn... until today :(

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