Saturday, September 7, 2013

70 b - busy week, temple trip and trying to make Satan ":Cry like a girl"

Wait, didn't I just email? Oh my gosh this week went quick!!! We had so much happen, and so little time for it to happen in! Really, a week is pretty short! haha
Monday evening, we got to do missionary work!!! We were so happy to do that! It's kind of funny, sometimes I feel like I'm only going out to work because that's what I'm here to do, but other times, I LONG for it! This week was one of those weeks. I just relish every opportunity we have to get out and work!
Tuesday, we had district meetings. We always start district meetings with a zone portion, which is pretty much our time to fire up and motivate the zone. It's a lot of fun. Elder Gustafson and I were talking about what to do, then suddenly it hit us: The armor of God! There are 6 pieces of armor, and 6 weeks in a transfer! How perfect! So, Tuesday, we began by talking about the breastplate of righteousness. So, we walked in with our big cardboard and duct tape breastplates with the Washington D.C. and Canadian flags hanging from the shoulders like a cape and started firing up the zone! It was sweet! The district leaders jumped right on board, and now the entire Centreville Zone is waging a war against Satan! It's purpose? To make him cry like a little girl! Thus we make him mad , every time we find someone or teach a great lesson, or are obedient to mission rules.
Wednesday, we got to do missionary work again! We have a member who we're helping to return to church and she had an interview with the Bishop that went very well! We're so excited for her!
We had another awesome day of missionary work Thursday! Our phone still rang of the hook, but we weren't running errands and doing paperwork all day! haha
Friday, the errands picked up again, but we still managed to find some time to work! Friday was really our miracle day! In the 4 hours we had to do work, we found 4 new people to teach, taught 3 different lessons and contacted a referral! It was amazing to see that many blessings in quick succession!!!
Saturday, we arranged to do a blitz, which is always a lot of fun. Pretty much, you get everyone that works in different aspects of the same area (i.e. - us, the sisters, and a set of Spanish missionaries) and all go tract somewhere! We happened to pick an area that mostly spoke Spanish, so I didn't get to get a single door in English! Elder Gustafson just did all the English and I did the Spanish! It was a lot of fun. That evening, I had the wonderful privilege of returning to Annandale to witness the baptism of an amazing man I taught during my time there. It was a beautiful service, and hearing his amazing new testimony touched me deeply. He said at one point: "Next month I celebrate my 47th birthday. But according to the bible I'm less than an hour old! And those other 46 years mean little to me now, because what counts is this new life I have just begun."
Sunday, we had a great finish to the week as we met with that returning member again and she really opened up about some of her questions and concerns. It was an amazing evening.
Monday, we got up bright and early to go to the temple! An almost-missionary and his mother took us there, and it was just fantastic. Any day that starts with the temple is a good day in my book! One of the biggest bummers about a mission is how little we get to go worship there.
Today, we had part 2 of the armor: our feet shod with the gospel of peace! So, we had some pretty sweet footwear we created to go with the breastplates. We also had a video we showed the zone. Last night, the Assistants told us they would be bringing this video by. Then, they texted and said they might require us to be just a little apostate and stay up after 10:30 so they could drop it off. Then about 11:15 they texted and said to just go to sleep and keep the ringer on. Then at 3:30, our phone rang! There they were, at the door with our DVD. Their shirts were untucked and their ties loosened. They looked even more run down than we did! And we were their first stop of the night! They still had to stop by 6 other zone leader apartments!
Well, another week come and gone!
Someone get Satan some tissues, because we have a killer evening planned! :)
-Elder Hodgson

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