Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 73- feeling the LOVE

Well, another crazy week gone by! Another crazy... yeah, my brain is too fried... It's been CRAZY though!
We had 2 exchanges this past week! One with the Assistants and one with our roommates! (That one was strange...) haha They both went really well and we had many opportunities to teach and learn and become better missionaries!
This last week was Elder G’s birthday , but he was on exchanges... with his trainer!!! So, he had the same companion for BOTH of his birthdays!!! That was pretty fun.
Things have been absolutely crazy as far as the work goes, too!! We've been running nonstop every chance we get! No time to rest! We've been working a lot with our investigators to help them  keep commitments that they make, to come to church, to read the Book of Mormon, etc. It's been exciting.
    We have a young man from the ward, who comes out with us all the time, who is leaving for his mission to Bolivia this week. That'll be sad to see him go, but we're excited for him! ( that is where my mom served her mission! It's crazy how close you get to the people you're serving with. It's incredible. The Lord opens your eyes just a little bit to the love He has for His children and you can't help but feel it for them too.

    Our purpose is to invite everyone to come unto Christ, to come to know him and one of those vital steps towards him is baptism! If we as missionaries are not inviting them to take those precious steps towards getting baptized, we are not fulfilling our purpose and we're even being deceptive (hiding our purpose from those we meet with). So, we thought we'd fix that  And the result was 14 new people setting a date to follow Christ's example and be baptized. It was incredible! People want to draw near to their savior.
    Another incredible thing came from our Ward Mission Leader. He received inspiration about mission plans. Writing and posting (in a visible place) a set of goals and principles to help families be more missionary-minded    ! We're so excited and I hope many of those who read this - regardless of their religious beliefs - will work together with their families to establish patterns of how they share what they believe!
Well, mom's question this week is about what a "normal" pday looks like! Well, it looks something like this!
6:30 - Wake UP 'leepy head!!
7:00 - eat breakfast, visit throne of thought, contemplate mysteries of life, shower, shave, contemplate more mysteries of life, dry off, dress yourself (an important step in the process)
8:00 - Personal Study
9:00 - Companionship Study - somewhere in here we get a phone call from the mission office so we can report
10:00 - On your mark, get set, GO! We usually go email from about 10:20-11:50
12:00 - lunch and shopping
1:00-2:00ish - somewhere in that range we begin doing something of our own invention. Typically it involves activities with other missionaries. Today, it involves sports and board games, and we're putting a board game we've created over the last few pdays into testing! Should be fun!
5:00 - return home, shower, and stuff face with food
6:00 - hit the streets!!! Do more missionary work! :)
Sometimes we condense the beginning of the day and go do something like tour D.C. or a museum or a battlefield. It's pretty sweet! One of my favorite pdays was just last transfer. We set up a volleyball court and hooked up Elder Flaherty's ipod to the sound system in the gym, so we had this huge volleyball game going with some music playing too!!! It was pretty sweet :)
Well, that's about all I got for today. Until next week!!! Keep your friends close and the Spirit closer!
Love you all!!
-Elder Matt

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