Monday, October 14, 2013

WEEK 76- The Singles Ward

Well, mom, we may have to work a bit to figure out how to do this now. With my new schedule, I’m not sure how to format this... I don't know what people want to hear, etc.... I guess I'll just start typing and see how it goes... please give feedback, I want to know how to do this best. Anyways, here it begins:
( we will have to shoot some questions at him to help him…too much to say and not enough time so he is not sure what to cover)

Whew! Another crazy week! I'm going to try just giving a day by day to share a bit about the adventure I'm having!

Monday, we enjoyed a wonderful p-day. At the grocery store, we saw the office elders van, so we stole their windshield wipers and put them in our truck. Then, we crossed the parking lot to go eat lunch. Well, they left while we were there. I guess we missed them, so then we called them many a time freaking out hoping they didn't die.... They survived and we returned the wipers... haha

Tuesday, we crammed in the office. We had a crazy week the rest of the week, so we rushed with that to make sure we were ready for the week.

Wednesday was the beginning of chaos. We started the day off with the new missionary expectations meeting. My job was to teach the new missionaries how to use their planners! Which I love because my planner has saved my life a million times out here. After the meeting, we ran some errands around the area before returning to meet our two new mandarin speaking missionaries and getting them all settled in!

Thursday, we had our mission leadership council, except this one was unique. We had all of our district leaders there too, so about 1/4 of the mission. MLC is an all-day event, which we were grateful for because the rain was coming down hard!!! After MLC, we had an exchange. I was with Elder Bergman, who I was in the MTC with!!! That was a total blast! Our exchange kind of got wrecked though... The sisters who rode with us to MLC needed a car for the evening. Theirs was in the shop, and with their health (lacking) and the rain (heavy), President asked us to get them a car. So, we called up some Spanish elders, who brought us a car. But they showed up way late, so we had to sit outside the mission office (can't be inside alone with the sisters) until they showed up. When they arrived, they had a screw in their tire, so we were then asked to run their car to the shop, so now we had 2 companionships carless. So we drove the Spanish Elders home, and went back to the office to take the sisters home, when we got a call from the Spanish elders that their apartment key was with their car keys at the shop.... What a day!!!  (Some days you just get points for trying)

Friday, we spent all day driving. We picked up 7 new cars from Maryland, and 3 from Tysons corner, so we drove up in the office Elders 15-passenger van, and all took our own car home. Then, we met with President, decided where to send cars, and drove some of them out to their new areas. Then, we got to teach a lesson to a wonderful young man named Sagwadi. Nghia came with us to teach the lesson, and he is doing fantastic. He testified boldly of how he came to know that the gospel was true, and after we left, he said: "man, I'm definitely going on a mission." it was so amazing to have that experience with an old investigator, but now from that new perspective. That night, about midnight, we got a call from some Hermana’s saying they lost their keys and couldn't get into their car or apartment...( its good to be needed)

Saturday was similar to Friday.

Sunday! Our first day in the singles ward! We loved the ward! It's totally different than anything I'm used to on a mission though. Everyone has served missions more recently, so they understand more how it works and there is a great energy! It  is really nice. Our bishop is amazing too. Last night, we were out in Manassas working hard and visiting some YSAs we hadn't met yet. It was great to get to know some of them a bit, and invite them to come to activities.

I rewrote a huge portion of our excel reporting document this week... that was pretty exciting. I didn't ruin it :D

Love you all! Hope your day is fantastic!

-Elder Matt

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