Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 74- Whatever the Lord asks

Well, this week has been crazy!!! It was a full week to begin with, what with lessons, companionship exchanges, putting in transfer outlines (for those who remember what those are)  ;)  etc. It's been a lot of fun though! Unfortunately, I really am short on time today, so I'm going to be really sporadic for most of this.
The story of our week for the work was just investigators who love seeing us, but won't keep commitments, especially coming to church. It's so frustrating/sad to see people who NEED the Lord in their lives, but just struggle to do what He asks them to do to let Him in. It was a hard week as far as that goes.
Mom's weekly questions:
What is the first sound that you hear when you wake up?:
My alarm, typically. It's a cool "Monk in the Mountain" sounding thing with a nice stream, and an echoey gong right now. It's pretty sweet.
How have you seen the Lord's hand in your week?:
This makes me think of a quote from President Monson: "The Lord is in the details of your life." This week, where was nothing HUGE in magnitude, but His hand was in the little things constantly. A small impression to go talk to someone, somebody moving into the area for us to meet with, many wonderful, little things.
So, the big news for the week... The reason this is so short!!! I've been packing my bags... Yesterday afternoon, we received a phone call from President Riggs asking if he could meet with us after a fireside we would be attending. We showed up, and afterwards, President revealed that he only needed  to meet with me. So, we found a room in the hall of the chapel we were in, and started with a prayer. I wasn't sure what it was about (I hadn't done anything wrong.... haha). He then began with: "Let's start with a worthiness interview." He asked me if I was worthy of a temple recommend and if I loved the Lord. He asked me to share with him any misconduct I've had as a missionary, and invited me to, later that night, call those elders present and apologize to them. Then, he explained to me that Elder Yates was off to finish his mission with a Greenie. That he had received guidance about who was to replace him. Well, he asked me to and, well, I said yes. So, I've been packing my bags since! Our zone has a BBQ in ten minutes President will be at, and my bags are hidden in the trunk of our car. I will be leaving the BBQ with him to go meet up with my new companion and to serve as an Assistant to President Riggs. Elder Gustafson will be comps with Elder Oliverson (one of our rommates [how perfect to have a trio of roommates!]) until Thursday when we have transfer meeting. I'm REALLY nervous, and anxious all at once... Elder Gustafson gave me a blessing last night though, so I feel better.
Anyways, gotta run to get to the bbq. Love you all!! Until next week!!!
-Elder Hodgson

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  1. You have always been amazing and you still continue to be so. Keep it up!