Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week 89- Gettin our Trunkies

This week was another crazy one!! 3 exchanges, and we almost DIED!!! haha

Saturday night we were driving along, and a car going the other direction came flying accross the median, which was just a bunch of grass. We were both going about 60, and basically, it was freaky!!! haha We made it though! Just swerved out of the way. I felt like James Bond pretty much... :D

Last Monday, we played some board games with some Elders and just had a good time! Tuesday we had our first exchange, which was way fun, and Wednesday we just went from one exchange to another! haha Wednesday I was in Arlington, which was way fun!! Arlington is the city right accross the potomac from D.C. so we were just downtown! It was a very new feel to a mission, but a total blast!

Thursday was our only day to do office stuff, so we did office stuff!! Just hammered down on that, and it was good!

Friday, we had another exchange, and saturday, Randall, President Riggs' son came out with us! He leaves on his mission in about 2 weeks, so that was a blast, too! We had a great lesson with a young man who is deciding whether or not to serve a mission. What a blessing to have an almost missionary there! :)

Sunday was busy as ever, but we got a lot done, and had a baptismal interview for an investigator of ours who is getting baptized this week!!

The big, horrifying event of the week though was getting our trunkies... 16 weeks prior to departure, the mission office sends you a letter asking for your flight preferences, etc for your return trip. They include a letter from President Riggs that talks about setting goals for the rest of your mission, but it's hard to look past the first sentence, which starts with "your return flight..." haha it was harsh. I was glad Elder Riggs was getting his, too...

That's.... pretty much it that I can say... There's a lot else going on, but It's sensitive. That's where a lot of our time has been... I'm taking good journal notes though so I can share more someday!

Love you all!!

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