Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 90- no time for a letter but just a little chatter..........

So, I'm kind of combining this week's questions...

My feelings on Christmas were explained in the keystone entitled "Christmas Humbling." Not just the humbling part, but hte part about good, better, best, getting, giving, receiving. That's pretty much my feelings this year.

Hardest thing on my mission: being satisfied with myself. Neal A Maxwell spoke of discerning between divine discontent and the devil's dissonance. I guess just figuring out which is which and plotting a course from there. The adversary always wants us to feel inadequate, and the Lord always wants us improving. That can lead us to be too hard on ourselves if we're not careful.

Sundays just changed a bit. We have 1:45 church now. So, yesterday looked like this: Arise, prepare for the day, studies, then we met with Bishop right after. In the hour in between, we planned for lunch, but then realized we were fasting, so we hopped in the truck and prayed to know what to do. We did that until church, then the ward had a break-the-fast, followed by more missionary work. Then at 9, we came to the office to collect key indicators and finish up the keystone!

Best advice I got before I headed out. The first one that stands out to me is what Grandpa said to me the night I was set apart: "I'm going to leave you with the same words you left for me when your grandmother and I left for South Africa: Return with honor." A simple statement with a high expectation. One I loved from my mom was that it's ok to change out here, in face, I shouldn't come home the same person I left as. One of the most poignant though came from my dad. As I was hugging him goodbye at the airport, he simply said: "you're going to be a great missionary." Not really even advice, but it's an expectation. Preach My Gospel has EVERYTHING we need to be great missionaries, all I needed was a reason, and a righteous Father's expectation has a way of doing that like little else can.

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