Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WEEK 97- no rest for the wicked

Well, it's in full swing now! The iPads have been spread far and wide,
and we've been inundated with cries for help ever since! Haha

Our week flew by... Seriously though. Tuesday morning, we had district
meeting, then took off like kishkumen from the judgement seat to get
to the first mobile device training. We did two zones that afternoon.
Then Wednesday, we did two more zones in the morning and two more in
the afternoon.... Same on Thursday. Friday, we had mission leadership

After mission leadership council, we had an exchange, and I was
with.... Elder MUNTON!! It was super fun being with him again. We had
a great meeting with our bishop and had some great training together.

Saturday, we went about doing good. We stopped by a few people, had
some appointments fall through, and then finished the night with an
awesome lesson with an investigator of ours who is preparing to be
baptized next week. During our lesson, he bore his testimony to us
about the restoration and it was incredible to hear. He is a quiet
young man, but he understands what the gospel means to him in his

Yesterday, we saw another young man were working with, who has been
struggling for a while to  get a job. We haven't been able to see him
much because of that, but after talking with him for a bit, we bore
our testimonies about how sometimes The Lord asks us to do
counterintuitive things so He can bless us, and asked him "are you
ready to put The Lord first this time and see what He can make of
you?" He is excited to get more heavily involved and is already seeing
blessings from his decision.

And, well, that's been it. We're busy, we're exhausted, but we're
happy. And life is great!

Love you all!

-Elder Matthew Hodgson

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