Monday, March 24, 2014

WEEK 99- back in Annandale

Well, here I am! I'm back in Annandale! it's pretty fun, some members
remember me, some don't, and some have ended up commenting: "Wow!
you've been here for a long time!" haha It's a lot of fun.

Elder Babb and i are having a blast together, too! We've been working
super hard, and trying to get things going. It's weird, because I know
the geography and the members (mostly), but the teaching pool is
totally new. Many of our investigators I still haven't met yet, nor
has Elder Babb. ( they are whitewashing the place so neither of them have been there before, they are both starting fresh!)  We're excited though!

We've been working super hard, too. Neither of us has unpacked,
actually... haha we haven't had time. We're hoping to get some time
this afternoon to get everything settled and cleaned. Elder Riggs and
elder Day   ( the APs) finally had some time to drop my bike by, so i was finally
able to take a diagnosis on it this morning when it arrived. It looks
like I won't need a new part. The crank arm is stripped in a similar
manner to the way my road bike was, so it should just be a matter of
getting it re-threaded and I'll be good! Until then, we've been doing
pretty good on foot. I'm definitely remembering what it is like to
walk everywhere. Especially on concrete haha.

We've been doing a lot to get back settled in. The other day, I got
attacked by a dog! This huge German Shepard totally bit my leg! But
it's ok, because I then had the next 15 minutes to talk to his owners
all I wanted! They almost agreed to come to church ! well, what can you do? The lady did say though she was very impressed
with us and how even after she said she had a church she attended, we
still taught her about our belief and how we came to know it. she said
it was refreshing to see someone who was just willing to share and
testify and invite in a very non-confronttional way.

Elder Babb and I are having a blast together, too. We get along really
well, and he really wants me to challenge him to help him get better,
and I really want him to push me so I don't get trunky. So, it's
working! He even has trunky pills! So far, I've only needed one. i got
my flight plan on Saturday... haha Superweird.

My first district meeting of the transfer is tomorrow (assuming it
doesn't snow again), and I've had a blast preparing for that. It was
funny, last week, Elder Torres (one of the old office elders) and i
(who were both going to be district leaders this transfer) were
talking about all these different ideas of district meetings and
stuff. it was fun!

You know what else is super weird? Being in a family ward! I mean,
there's CHILDREN here!! Where did they all come from!? Ok, don't
answer that, but for real, for the last 6 months, everyone has been my
age! haha

Leaving the Braddock Ward has been a little tough. I've really come to
love it there. Bishop Leonard in particular and a couple of the
members were tough to leave, but that's how it goes, I suppose. Thanks
to all this techy-no-logic-stuff, it'll be easy to keep in touch once
i'm home.

Yeah, so that's perdy much the exciting stuff going on! We're sleeping
super soundly because we're so exhausted, though it's weird to have to
roll in place again...  No more queen size bed... haha

-Elder Matthew Hodgson

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