Thursday, January 10, 2013

WEEK 36- This is the night we've waited for...( sung with Vigor)

So, lots to update people on! I'll do this as quickly and as efficiently as possible. December 20th was transfers. I stayed in Vienna with My new companion Elder O. L. N (He goes by L) from Folsom, New Mexico. Elder M moved to B with Elder C. That first weekend, I showed Elder  N around the area, tried to have him meet everyone, etc before Christmas hit. Christmas Eve was a "super p-day" because it was p-day with a "no proselyting" rule in the evening. The B family had us for dinner on Christmas eve, and the H family was there, too (the family that the Hargadons know).

Christmas was similar. We were told to treat it like a P-Day. We went to skype in the morning with family at the P family home. The Ps are an awesome family of four who homeschool and are very friendly. Their second son, J  got a stuffed Buffalo for Christmas and has named it "Hodgson." He also says that when I'm done with my mission I need to come back and go camping with him because all those "dumb mission rules" won't let me do that now haha. They're a great family.

Christmas Dinner was with the L Family. Sister L is a single mom, so she invited the P family to come join. Brother P said he couldn't come, so she suddenly got worried because she didn't have an adult man to be there during the dinner. When 6:00 came and she still didn't have one, she walked outside and invited a passerby to dinner! That is how we met MR B. Brother P  actually ended up showing up to dinner, so I see the whole thing as a little miracle to get us to meet MR B. Over dinner conversations (which was mostly in spanish, with participants from Guatemala, Bolivia and Honduras), Byron agreed to take the discussions and we set an appointment for that .  We are hoping to see him again soon.

The next week we stayed busy, but it seemed like everyone was out of town. I guess those days between Christmas and New Years are considered "vacation" or something like that... haha

New Years eve, we watched "Up" and "Brave" for our two movies and had a blast. That was another "super p-day" due to the "no proselyting after 5:00" rule.

On my birthday, President Riggs called to sing, and since it was Zone Leader Council, I got sung to by all the ZLs!  That was pretty exciting. Elder Newkirk took me to breakfast at ihop and made a cake, and our district went to Cafe Rio for lunch, AND we taught a lesson! People are starting to be home again!!! haha It was exciting.

This week, We had Zone Training Tuesday, then we have Zone Conference tomorrow, then Zone breakfast Saturday! So, lot's of zone things in the morning times. It's cool though, the O-Zone is awesome :)

The big event in missionary work is our upcoming Family Home Evening. Bro F(our Ward Mission Leader) brought this amazing card into play. We found a family in our ward who is willing to host a FHE and we're going around their neighborhood inviting their neighbors to come. Bro F has done this before and has a whole system worked out where we essentially tract the neighborhood four times in a month (only returning to promising houses) and by the end of it, some people come! It's a very safe thing, but it shows that the people who come are 
 1) ok with going somewhere to a neighbor’s house 
 2) ok with knowing there will be a spiritual thought
3) ok with the Mormon missionaries being there
 4) they still come. We're really excited and have a lot of faith that it will be a good way to find some people who want to know about who we are and what we believe.  We feel it is so important in our lives we want to share it.

That's basically the update... .. there's been lots of other little lessons and doors knocked, but that's the  news! I hope everyone is well! There's like 5 pretty intense bugs going around. Missionaries are dropping like flies (there's a reason I'm emailing on Thursday this week).
Luckily I have avoided them…swat , swat…..

Everybody say no to drugs and say yes to daily scripture study!

And never refuse homemade brownies or prayers on your behalf. :)

-Elder Hodgson

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