Wednesday, January 30, 2013

week 39- DC trip and Viginia in the snow

This week has been busy as usual! Lots of fun stuff going on! Changes going into play, rumors of transfers flying about, and here we all are, still moving forward the work of the Lord. Miracles have been happening mission wide since the missionary department was here, and many of the Lords children are finding access to the atonement like never before.
            Something happened this week in church that just about made my life. I do not say it to boast of me but tell of how the Lord can use us.   I've felt since early on when I was transferred here that my job was to get the member missionary work moving forward. When I arrived there were some burnt bridges and some members were cold, gossiping, and even stand-offish. We had such blessings with member work in the last area that I identified it quickly as something that needed a boost, and the Lord has blessed us with guidance and comfort as my companions and I have worked to repair past damages.  Some events have happened and some kind and loving things said and we see bridges mending and changes happening.  One man who had been offended even said he was to write the president and ask if we could finish out our missions here.
It has been such a huge blessing to us and testifies to  the work  we have done here over the past three months.
It seems like it didn't come a moment too soon, as I likely won't be in Vienna next week. Transfer calls haven't come yet, but President Riggs called Elder N to ask him a couple of questions, and E. N says he doubts I'll be staying... It's a bummer, because I love this ward and the people we work with, and things are really starting to move. With our member exchanges, and our FHE programs, we're excited for the future of this area.
This week was another milestone in my mission.... First bike ride in the snow!!! So far, We've managed to schedule well enough that we're walking or getting rides when it's snowy, but last week we were just flat out riding in the falling snow, and mom; I got a picture. :D There really is something beautiful about snow. As if Virginia isn't beautiful enough as it is. Suddenly, when everything is white and pure, and the majority of people are inside, and the muffled sounds leaves you to your own thoughts and the soft crunching of your tires, It's just beautiful.
Yesterday, our district went to D.C. for the day, and it was one of the coolest trips I've taken! A member of our ward works in the office of Senator Lee from Utah, and they hooked us up! We got a behind the scenes tour and saw all sorts of stuff we normally couldn't see. It was probably almost a 4 hour tour with all sorts of history and information and awesomeness! It was amazing! We got to go in "senator only" places, and even got to go to the Senate's gift shop (which is much better priced than the rest of D.C. I might add). It was awesome!
I'm still trying to ship your Christmas stuff. There's one more thing I can't find a box to ship it in, but it's coming....
Our district meetings have been really good lately! We've been doing a lot of practice teaching with the things that we learned from the Missionary Department meeting, and it's very eye opening how simple this gospel can really be taught. Practicing more and more just seems to help me realize that more and more. It's definitely true that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." Such simple truths can change lives so drastically. It's incredible to be a part of it.
Well, rumors are definitely true. 5-week transfers are likely on the horizon... Still RUMOR though. We'll know for sure before long. Many area splits and double-companionships are on their way. It's an exciting time to be here in the mission field. It's a blessing to be a part of the Lord's great work.
I hope everyone is well! We'll talk to you soon! With some transfer news!
-Elder Hodgson

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