Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weeks 34 and 35 Quick Catch up

Hey everyone! Sorry this is going to be so short. Everywhere with computers was closed last week for Christmas eve, and this week, New Years shut them all down... I'm actually in Staples now, using a computer that's on display. Apparently, you're allowed to do that! haha.
    Anyways, just a quick update. I'll fill you in more next week when we actually have time at a place like our apartment office. So, here goes, the lightning update.
    So, transfer calls came, and Elder M got moved, which was a bummer, but we're still doing well here! He got moved to Brambleton, right next to Ashburn/Belmont Ridge and is serving with Elder !!  ( from his Trio)
I'm still in Vienna, and I'm serving with Elder  N. He served in Brambleton for a transfer when I was there, and then was in the office until now. He's way cool, from Folsom, New Mexico (one of two from the state) and is headed towards med school.
      My district is soooo awesome! I've loved my districts in the past, but I usually don't know at least a few people in the district. Now, I literally know and love everyone in my district, having served near each of them at least once! We've got a killer lineup here with A, H, H, K,, M, N, and R, with T as our stalwart District Leader! It's so much fun serving near such amazing men, and the unity is awesome.
Christmas was good. The P family fed us breakfast and let us use their computers to Skype. It was way fun to talk to my family and update so much faster! It was great to see your smiling faces and feel of your spirits. I love you guys!
Christmas Dinner was at Sister L, and through a fun miracle we had, we found a new investigator on Christmas! :)
     Saturday the 29th, we had the parking assignment at the Temple VC. It was way fun helping people get settled in and seeing all their smiling faces. The temple was beautiful and the lights were stunning! It was way cool.
      New Years Eve was movies again, and we watched Up and Brave. Both very good movies! Kind of strange though, we had a recent RM who lived in the area and his mom show up to hang with us... Very interesting/slightly awkward dynamic that was created. Move nights are our twice a year night to hang with the entire zone and unstring our bows a bit, but then with them there, we wanted to look a bit more refined like missionaries should, maybe they kept us in line a bit.
     Now, here we are, one day into 2013. We made it through the year that never should have ended, and we get to start again once more! I'm way excited for the opportunity to make some resolutions and continue improving as a missionary, a priesthood holder and a human being. What a great opportunity!
    I'm excited to be here, and hope you all are well. Sorry again for the brevity. Know I am safe, I am healthy, I am happy, I am feeling the spirit, I am growing, I am working, and I am almost 20 (how the heck did that happen?!?) And I love you all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :D

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