Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 41 - los missioneros

Well, this week was pretty killer! We had two investigators set baptismal dates in two days, I led my first district meeting, we had training from President Riggs for our zone, and I went on two exchanges with other missionaries.. One of which was in Spanish!  Nothing Boring in DC!

It's been exciting. I was really nervous for my first district meeting, but it went well. After announcements and stuff, I started us off with our transfer theme. I've decided to create a theme for the transfer and different members of our district present messages every week with different parts of the theme, and we then work together to set some goals for the following week off of what we talked about. It's going  well! Our weekly goals for our district are working well to help us improve our missionary work and grow closer together as a district. After that, we talked about the book of Mormon. I had everyone kneel together in their pairs they were working with and pray for the Spirit to bring them revelation of things they can do to help their investigators read. Miracles followed, and it was amazing to see.

Wednesday was training with President, and he went over a lot of the things we went over at the meeting with the missionary department there.  He is Awesome!

My first exchange this week was with Elder H, one of our zone leaders. We had a fun little miracle where we went to check up on someone and knocked on the wrong door, were let in, and taught the restoration! We need to make mistakes more often! haha He also certified me to conduct baptismal interviews which was cool. So, now I can help people come unto Christ by allowing them an opportunity to witness that they are prepared to make their first covenant with God.

My second exchange was with Elder N, and he... is a Spanish
 missionary... Yes, I had to spend a day trying to teach people in Spanish... It kinda hit me in the head how little spanish I really know. It was amazing though to see how the Spirit doesn't need a language. I was able to testify and to feel the spirit when Elder Ness testified. though, I was the subject of a couple of jokes I think... I heard the word "gringo" followed by laughter more than once...

Hey, dad. Who was your mission president in Samoa? There's a brother here in the ward who served there under President Te'o...

Well, that's pretty much it... It's warming up a bit this week, which is nice... I don't have to bundle up quite as much. We're working hard and seeing many blessings as we do so.

Lots of adjustments are happening, too... With the younger sisters coming in, there are many new rules regarding elder/sister communications, etc. haha it's funny. technicalities aside, though, it's been amazing to have some of the first "young" missionaries come out this transfer. They have such burning desires to be here, and you can just see their faith emanating from them. It's incredible to see so many jumping at the opportunity the Lord has given them. One sister I talked to literally had less than a two month process from when she started her papers to when she hit the MTC. The Lord is hastening his work here, and these enthusiastic missionaries are wonderful examples to me. Though, it's making President Riggs work pretty hard... By the end of the month, he has to come up with 9 new areas!!! haha

Next Monday, I may not be emailing... Libraries will be closed for Washington's Birthday, and we'll be going to the temple. It's going to be really special for me, because I went through the temple for the first time a year ago to the day from next week. February 18, 2012 I took out my endowments, and February 18, 2013 I'll be back in the D.C. temple on the other side of the country, giving someone else that privilege. I'm really excited :)

Hope all is well! Talk to you.... maybe in two weeks.... we'll figure it out!

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