Monday, February 4, 2013

Week 40-....member of the THUNDER THIGHS club now.......

Well, transfers came and went, and here I am in a new area! I'm back in the saddle, finishing training again, and I have also been called to serve as a district leader.
My new companion is Elder Ray . Pretty funny, huh? Elder Ray and Elder Hodgson as companions... We used to joke about this... He's great and is a total scriptorian. It's amazing to see someone who knows so much about the scriptures. It's incredible!
We're the "Annandale B" area. We share the ward with the Zone Leaders and it's definitely a new dynamic. I've gone from one set of missionaries in two wards to one set in one ward and now two sets in one ward. We're definitely all here for a reason though. We've had a FULL schedule every day so far, and our planning mostly consists of confirming appointments rather than figuring out what to do. It's definitely a new thing.
At transfers, someone made a comment about how nice President Riggs' car is, and he said he'd love to give all the elders the all-wheel drive of his car so we'd be safer. I made a quick joke about how I'm used to one wheel drive, so two wheel drive and a heater would be a definite upgrade. He laughed for a moment, put his arm around me, and just said: "Elder Hodgson, I love you." "I love you too, President." Came the response. Then, he walks away quickly and says over his shoulder: "I hope you love biking!" And here I am, still pedaling away. I've officially joined the "thunder thighs" club, which is an exclusive club only allowing missionaries who ride bike for 9 months consecutive.
also, the rumors are true, this transfer is 5 weeks long. But then we return to the 6 week cycle. So, I just got a week cut off from my mission.... grumble grumble... It's only a week, but I feel so sad that I'm losing all that time. anyways... I'll be returning home on May 2, of 2014 now.
We have a total of 11 missionaries serving in our ward. The four of us, one family history Elder, An Office Couple, an Two Employment Specialist Sisters, and Another Senior couple who also does employment!!
The work here is definitely hopping, and so are the missionaries! It's been great!
My district also has two Spanish Elders in it, so it's been fun working around them. I'm a little scared for exchanges with them though... haha
Elder Ray sprained his ankle the morning of transfers, so I tore up some bedsheets and made him a brace until we could buy him a good one... He's doing better now, though he's still limping.
We have 25 new missionaries in the mission! Including, but not limited to 1 18 year old Elder and at least 6 19 year old sisters! It's incredible seeing these amazing missionaries step up and respond to this marvelous call from our Prophet.
We don't have a ton to report other than that. If I were to start talking about all our new investigators, I'd just talk your ear off, but just know that we're busy, we're working hard, and we're happy.
Love you all!
-Elder Hodgson

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