Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 43- Big News and Bike Repairs

Well, this was a crazy week! Probably the most insane one of my mission! Specifically one event.... It was sooo crazy!!!

So, we were out tracting last Wednesday, and we were knocking on door after door. we came up to one house, and the door was cracked open a couple of inches. As we approached, we noticed it was dark inside, and we could hear the noise of somebody doing something in the kitchen. It sounded like they were chopping something to prepare for dinner. We knocked on the door and there was no response. So we rang the doorbell and the chopping stopped. We hear this "who is it?" - a man's voice. We call back in that we're the missionaries, and he invites us in. As we poked our heads in, his head came from around the corner to the kitchen and he smiled and invited us to take a seat and he told us he'd be right with us. We sat on the couch that backed up against the front wall, and waited as he finished chopping the meat he was preparing, then he finally came around the corner. He had this HUGE cleaver in his hand and an apron on that was covered in blood. He kind of stood there for a moment, and the look on his face was all I needed to know this was NOT the right place to be. I turned to look at Elder Ray to see if he was getting the same vibe, and he wasn't there. He had totally dipped! so, here I am, alone with this guy in his house, and it's time for me to stick with my companion. I grabbed my backpack and got up, but by then, the cleaver man had moved around the other couch in the room and was between me and the door. So, I turned and threw my backpack as hard as I could at the window and, thanks to the 6 Books of Mormon I had in it, it broke through. I then made a break for it and dove out the window after my backpack. And I ALMOST made it! As I was going through the window, the dude caught my ankle!! I slammed down on the windowsill, and took a few nasty cuts from the broken glass (which are all bandaged okay now). So, now, I'm REALLY freaking out, and just scrambling trying to get out. I'm here thrashing just clinging to this rosebush outside, my hands getting torn to bits, and this guy is just relentless, trying to get me back inside his house, with this monster grip on my ankle and he's just standing there, yanking hard, just pulling on my leg! Kind of like how I'm pulling on yours now.

For real though, it was a crazy week. We heard last Thursday that our mission is loosing two of our zones to the Richmond mission so they can create a new Chesapeake mission! It's pretty crazy! We're still awaiting news of how that's going to impact us as missionaries, but we're excited.

My brakes on my bike gave out this week. So, after riding a couple days without brakes using grass, hills and my feet to stop me, I decided I needed to increase my safety rating a bit, so the Spanish Elders took us to this ho-dunky bike shop in the middle of the city that gave me some brakes for free! haha. It was pretty sweet. So, I replaced my brakes, fixed Elder R's brakes, because they were also having trouble, and oiled both of our chains for smoother riding. It was definitely a week of repairs!

Our District had our first Weekly Power Hour, too. It was pretty fun! Pretty much, Every Saturday at 1, we're picking one of our areas, and just all tracting somewhere in it. It was way cool! We got 3 hours worth of tracting done in one hour! Next week it's our area. We're excited for that :)

We have one investigator named J who we're really excited for right now. He had a job as a long-distance truck driver, but he quit so he could have more time to meet with us! And he now has a new job (thanks to the employment services out here) and is getting ready for baptism! It's amazing to see the faith of some of these people out here as they make such great changes in their life. A couple weeks ago, some traveling pastor gave him some DVDs that were very weird, and the first thing he did was invite us over to watch them with him! He asked us "From the standpoint of the true Gospel, what do you think about this?" It was a great opportunity to simply ask him if he felt the Spirit. And He answered his own question from there. It was so amazing.

well, My times up. I gotta run, but I hope everyone has a great week, and Rachel, I hope you enjoyed the Temple! I'm so excited for you! I thought of you as we were planning last Friday: "Oh! She's in the temple right now!!!" Love you!


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