Monday, June 3, 2013

Week 57 - The Southern Stakes Declare Their Secession

Well, all bets are in! Our last transfer meeting before the mission split was Thursday. We got news Tuesday via phonecall of who would be staying in the zone or leaving it. I was told I would be staying, so I'm still in D.C. South. Everyone who was moving, however.... nervewrackedness....

Wednesday, Elder P was packing and was VERY nervous of where he would be going. I remember feeling the same way just last transfer, knowing that wherever I moved was where I would be when the mission split...

Then, Thursday, we packed up and headed out! Transfer meeting was INSANE!!! We had 37 new missionaries coming out!!! It was absolutely amazing. They had us reserve the first 8 rows of the chapel for new missionaries, and they still barely fit! It was really busy for us, too because as the hosting Zone Leaders, we were asked to do crowd control. So, we were running all over helping people find places to squish in and sit. it was crazy. Finally, the new missionaries came in (which took a while for them all to walk in - them and their trainers). We got started with an opening song and prayer, etc. Then, President had Joseph Duano come up and make an announcement. Joseph is a young man in the Annandale stake (Rolling Valley Ward) who goes on exchanges with missionaries ALL the time. It's amazing how much time he spends out doing things with missionaries. Well, he stood up and made the announcement that he had received his mission call!! He's going to the Idaho Pocatello mission! It was amazing, after he made the announcement, President Riggs stopped him. He asked any missionaries who had ever received a ride in Joseph's car to raise their hands. Pretty much about 85-90% of all elders (sisters he can't exactly give rides to) raised their hands. It was amazing to see all the different people, places and ways this young man had helped with missionary work.

Next, Sister B was asked to give an experience from her mission. She was originally called to serve in the mongolia mission. She struggled and worked hard and learned mongolian, and after just a few months in the field, there were issues within the country, and she was moved to our mission. She talked a bit about how big changes like that can be hard, but the Lord's hand is in it all.

Then, President Read off the transfers. That was the most  intense transfers I think I've ever seen. Anybody who went to woodbridge or Fredricksburg will be in the Richmond mission come July 1st. So, when President read off those zones, it was hard to hear some names there. The southern stakes have officially declared their secession and given us a months warning before their plans take effect. Hahah   We all know that the transfers were inspired though, so we're excited to keep moving forward.

My new companion is Elder F. He's from Arizona and has been on a mission 18 months. He's way awesome. A way fun guy and a great missionary. We're excited to keep the work here in Centreville going! We've been doing a lot of tracting lately. People we meet with have been busy, so we've needed something to fill our time. Hence, we knock! In fact, we've had to start mofecting! (MOre efFECtive tracTING) Pretty much, we keep a notebook with us so we can keep track of who answers the door and who doesn't. That way, you can make sure to have the opportunity to share Christ's gospel with EVERYONE and not miss anyone just because they weren't home when you were there.

Our ward mission leader is moving in a couple of weeks, so we'll probably get a new one pretty soon. It'll be interesting to see who they are and what changes they want to make in the ward mission!

Last Saturday, I had a unique opportunity. I got a phone call a couple weeks ago from Sister Crockett. That was strange because she wasn't in our zone. And she wasn't using her zone leaders to have them forward her call to us.... She was calling from the phone of some sisters in our zone... Turns out, they were on an exchange. BUT, she was calling because a young man Elder Porter and I had found in Annandale was getting baptized! So, Saturday, Elder Porter and I went to Nghia Tong's baptism while Elder Flaherty worked with Elder Porter in their area. It was amazing to see how much Nghia had grown since I had seen him last. I was very grateful to be a part (even the small part that I was) of his journey to Christ. He thanked us so much for knocking on his door that day and said multiple times "it all started with you." It was such a blessing to see the man of faith he has become, and I look forward to seeing him grow more in the future.

Well, It's about that time! We have to get ready to work hard the rest of the evening! Pday isn't a full day  off you know! Monday nights are a GREAT night to meet new people :)

Love you all!

-Elder Hodgson

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