Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 59 - The Posibots vs. the Pessimicepticons

Well, this week, our motto has been: "maybe the next door." I'm pretty sure everyone took off after school ended! haha Still, we work hard, we persevere and we enjoy every minute of it!
Last Tuesday, we had our zone training, which means Elder Flaherty and I got to talk about all the new things we learned at Mission Leadership Council last week. It went well! Some of the new things we taught about new ways to plan and work with Ward mission leaders and such went SOO well! Then there was the part about elder/sister interactions... haha I'm pretty sure everyone thought we were joking. "Elders, if a sister smiles at you or compliments your tie, it does NOT mean she likes you." was one of the things we were asked to relay. Apparently sisters were getting reported to Zone Leaders as flirts for complimenting an elder or greeting them with a smile... ah, the joys of young-adulthood haha.
After that, we had one of those leadership emergencies. We got a phone call from one of our district leaders asking for tips on how to give a baptismal interview.... One problem: We hadn't certified him to give interviews yet!!! As Zone Leaders, one of the things we do is certify new District Leaders so they know more how to conduct the interview. So, we hopped in our car (fortunately we're doing good on miles) and we went to certify him!
Next day, we changed the oil on our car. They don't let us do it for insurance reasons, so we got to sit in a Chevy dealership for 3 hours while they messed with our  “Cruze”..
On Thursday, we had the amazing opportunity to have our first Stake Correlation meeting with our new Stake President. He's AMAZING!!! I'm so excited and grateful to be working with him! He took suggestions well, he gave incredible suggestions, he listened to the Spirit, and we feel very strongly he work in Centreville will pick up very soon.
We've all been really busy preparing for the mission split. There's a LOT of paperwork and organization to be done, and we're trying to organize our area, too, it's so crazy, but it's a blast! You know me, I LOVE adventures. Elder L, one of the APs went to the Richmond mission today, the rest of the mission follows on the 27th. We'll be having a mission conference on the 26th just before it splits, so we'll get to say goodbyes and such.
We got a new Ward Mission Leader this week! We're so excited for him! He's young, new and excited, and he's gonna be great! We meet with him for the first time this week and we'll get organized! I've wanted to see a new Ward Mission Leader start out , my entire mission and here I'm getting to finally! I'm sooo excited!
Some people asked about some of the people I used to teach in old areas. Nate is doing fantastic! He received the Melchizidek Preisthood back in like March. Usually they wait for a year, which would mean September. He says he's considering a mission, too, which would be amazing. I'm hoping I'm still out here when he goes to the temple. Tony, I haven't heard much from, but he has amazing fellowshippers and is a rockstar. I'm hoping to find time to write him soon. Carol as far as I know is good. I'm looking forward to seeing the Elders there soon so I can get an update on some old investigators, too. It's such a blessing as a missionary to see all of the people I've helped on their journey as they continue strong. Just being a small piece in the puzzle is amazing, I just can't express it enough.
We got a referral last week from a member who rode in the taxi of a man named Amadu. We went and have taught him twice! He said he used to meet with missionaries, but didn't really take it serious, but he's ready to take it serious now. He's amazing He is so open, and sincere and accepting, we can explain things to him in a way I've never been able to with investigators. It's awesome! He's hoping to come to church for the first time next Sunday.
Service is sporadic these days. We keep our eyes open and the Lord places people in our path. Someone who needs yardwork, a stranded car, etc. We do find service, just most of it is unplanned right now, which is my favorite type anyway :) I got to powerwash a deck a couple weeks ago though. That's always exciting :D
Well, you might be wondering why the title of this week’s letter... It's become a theme between Elder F and I. Morale is something we worry about a lot in the zone. Last week, we came up with the expounding of our struggles.

‘We, the Posibots, led by our fearless leader Optimist Prime and his friend Humblebee are leading a fight against the Pessimicepticons, led by Negatron and the infamous defected, Ironpride.”

 It's a fun little joke that really means a lot. There are many ups and downs on missions, and it's important to keep perspective, keep hope and keep faith. Optimism is essential to keeping the Spirit, because where fear or doubt is, there faith is not. Negativity fosters fear, and by fighting the forces of Negatron and the Pessimicepticons, we can become the missionaries we want to become.

Another question asked was  If I were to pick one thing about my mission so far that is the essential "I wish everybody knew this" it would just be the atonement. It would be grace. Too many missionaries don't understand that the atonement applies to them, too. They teach it daily, but when it comes to them not being perfect, or them needing to change, they stress. We shouldn't stress. That's what the atonement is for. It's for everyone! We try our best to be perfect, but when we fail, it's ok. The atonement is the power by which we change. It's as simple as that. And when the scriptures abound with the word "become," change is definitely something we all need. So embrace it! It will bring so much joy and peace.
Love you all!!
-Elder Hodgson

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