Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 60 -The Breath Before the Plunge

That's the word of the week.
This week was amazing!
Last Tuesday was Zone Conference.  We prepared our little Zone Leader bit, and showed up, and guess what?  I'm conducting! haha  So, I got to conduct my first zone conference.  It was probably the best zone conference I've ever been to.  EVERYBODY in the zone seems to have come prepared for a spiritual feast, and because of that, we feasted!  Elder F. and I were prompted to talk on the exact thing President Riggs was going to speak on for the last hour and a half of the conference, so when it was his time, he just followed the Spirit.  Imagine an hour and a half of an inspired man - who has been set apart and given preisthood keys to receive revelation for YOU - as he just gets up and talks for an hour and a half on whatever the Spirit prompts him to.  It was absolutely incredible.

Wednesday, I got to go on an exchange with Elder A., one of our new district leaders.  It was awesome working with him.  He's pretty new to the mission field, and is just a big sponge!  It was one of the best district leader trainings I've ever had the opportunity to do because he was just SOO open to new ideas and concepts.  It was awesome.
Friday, we had the awesome opportunity to meet with our new Ward Mission Leader.  Holy cow, he's going to be awesome!  Just initially getting thigns set up with him I got goosebumps because of how excited I was!  We're so excited!  Did I say that already?  haha
Saturday was another example for me of ways to work well with the ward.   When I was on the exchange Wednesday, Elder F. and Elder P. met L., who used to meet with the missionaries.  He was rLDS for 25 years, mostly because his wife was, then when they divorced, he became Methodist.  He's often felt like something was missing though, and when he was sick and couldn't attend, there was no outreach to see if he was ok and that hurt him.  Then he met us, and his biggest concern was demographics.  He didn't know if there was anybody in our church his age (70)....  So, we went to the High Priests Group. :P  The High Priests Group leader got a visit from us Saturday morning, and we told him about L..  Then we left, and 15 minutes later, we got a text saying Brother H. would be at our apartment at 6:10 that evening to go vistit L. with us.  We had an AMAZING lesson with L., and he and Brother H. clicked really well.  And Brother H. is excited to help and L. is excited to have a friend, and it all just works out!  It was great :)
Sunday, our dinner appointment was with a family that had this HUGE rope swing in their backyard. They built this huge catwalk so you hold the rope and walk up it (kind of a sketch thing to do in dress shoes), then you're just standing on this little wooden platform 15 feet up in the air, and you just jump off and swing!  It was so awesome!!!
Then, there was that broadcast last night.... WOWWW!!!!  That was so amazing!  We were just glued the whole time... haha It was amazing!  All that training and those principles and all of, well, all of it! It was just fantastic!
So, a bit of a prefiew for this week.  Today, we're going to meet up with the zone to practice some music.  Our zone is putting on a musical fireside on July 10th.  It's going to be awesome.  We have SOOO much musical talent in our zone.  We're really excited and the stake and ward leaders are totally backing us in this, so hopefully we'll have LOTS of people there, and hopefully some finding will come of it!
Wednesday is our big mission conference before the split Thursday.  Elder F. and I had to go scout out how many tables the stake center had this morning.  We need to somehow fit 280 people into the cultural hall for lunch....  It's going to be a lot of fun, but also a little sad.  I'm definitely making sure my camera is charged haha.
Well, that's it! Until next week!
-Elder Hodgson

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