Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Continuation of week 61 due to computer problems

So, I didn't get to finish last week’s email... the computers were being fussy... So, here's the rest of it!
So, Thursday morning, we woke up and he mission had split silently in the night. That was it. That was all it took and it seemed like nothing had changed. It was weird to think about though.  The fact that those 60 some-odd missionaries I've come to know and love weren't part of our mission anymore just didn't seem real. It still isn't totally real yet. I still half expect to see them at transfers next week.
Our work remains the same though, so day to day life isn't affected that much. It is somewhat strange though suddenly being the southern border of the mission haha.

This week, we had a really neat experience with a priesthood blessing. We got a phone call last week asking for us to give a blessing to a sister in the zone. I ended up giving the blessing, and wasn't really sure what the blessing was for. The sister didn't tell us much. So, the blessing had to be totally by the Spirit. So, Elder Flaherty and I laid our hands on her head and gave a blessing, and I  tried to really listen to the spirit. This week, we were talking to the Sister Training Leaders who were on the exchange with them the night before the blessing (and who were present at the blessing so it wasn't 2 elders and 2 sisters) and they told us that the sister who received the blessing had only had 2 blessings in her entire life. Her patriarchal blessing and when she was set apart, so I gave her first blessing of comfort to her, and the Sister Training Leaders said that the blessing included everything they had talked about on the exchange. It was a really cool experience to know the Spirit was guiding us  like that during the blessing.

Also, thank you everyone for the mail this week! My roommates were all jealous! I got 2 packages and at least a letter every day! That NEVER happens to people who've been out as long as I have! haha  
Thank you SO  much, mail is more valuable than money out here…and I had been running short.

one more exciting thing for the week! One of the Young Men in the ward got his mission call to Bolivia! Way fun! I told him "HEY! That’s where my momma went!" haha
Love you all!
-Elder Hodgson

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