Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 61- The mission split

So, I forgot a funny story from last week, so I'll include that, and then proceed with this week's update. So, last week at Zone Conference, President Riggs called me by my first name! haha We were talking about something, and one of the Hermanas mentioned the book of Matthew, at which point President (whose name is also Matthew) whispers: "MATTHEW!!!" and gives me a fist bump! haha It was pretty funny. Likely a one-time-thing to have your mission president call you by your first name while on the mission!
Well, it's official. The D.C. South Mission is now two stakes shy of what it used to be. Missing some of my new good  friends.  This week has been crazy busy preparing for it all and as it actually happened!
Our week was SWAMPED with meetings, and we all felt like we hardly had time to do any missionary work, but when the end of the week came around, I'd tied my personal best of number of lessons taught in a week! THAT's why it felt so busy! haha
Wednesday, we had a full mission conference before the mission split. Elder Flaherty and I got a call from Sister Riggs asking to set up tables and chairs for lunch. She then informed us we would have to sit 280 people....!!!! So, we took part of p-day last week to count tables. The Stake Center had 35 tables that would each sit 8 people.... 35x8? 280 :D Perfect! So, we set up every single table they had!
The conference itself was amazing. But there is always SOMETHING.
 I was the pianist for the day, and the first speaker asked for some background music... He asked me to start playing "How Great Thou Art" softly when he mentioned a name that he gave me. so, I listened for the name, sat down on the bench and started playing when he said it! Turns out he gave me the name BEFORE the name he intended to give me... haha So the entire mission gasps audibly as they watch me "give in to a temptation to show off and ruin the talk" and the poor guy had to stop me and say "Oh! Elder! One more. I'm sorry, it's not time yet." haha Once he actually wanted me to start playing, the music was a nice touch to his talk and it brought the Spirit very strongly.
The conference was mostly for those who would be switching to the Virginia Richmond mission. We were mostly there to feel the Spirit along with, eat some good food and say goodbyes. There were beautiful testimonies and great advice shared. Sister Riggs ended with a quote from Christopher Robin: "Promise me you'll always remember. You're braver than you believe you are, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." President follwed her, and began with: "That' was a beautiful quote... Though I don't know if I'd ever take any advice from a boy who talks to pooh."
The lunch after was really fun. President Splurged and catered Cafe Rio for the whole mission.
aghaghga I have so much more to say, but the computers crashed multiple times and deleted stuff! I'll write more next week and finish this starting at lunch...!!! Love you all!!

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