Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Week 65- a finding we will go and Paperwork blues

This week was a finding week! We spent a HUGE amount of our time looking for  people that want  to hear about the gospel. Our zone set a goal last week to increase our finding, so Elder Flaherty and I wanted to lead out! And we tried sooo hard!. It was one of those weeks where you come home each day just completely exhausted (like, more so than usual).But always enjoy the people and the community that we are serving in!  How could I not?! History  everywhere!  haha

We spent two of the afternoons this week helping some  people in our community with emergency moves... So, we got good workouts! I've been running every day, too, which is awesome. Usually I have to break after a couple of days to make sure my leg doesn't revert, but I've been totally fine!

We also spent some time this week making an office run to get supplies for everyone, and apartment hunting! Yep, apartment hunting... haha we have some new areas opening next transfer, and we were asked to find places for those missionaries to live! It's been pretty exciting. haha

Thursday was interviews with President Riggs. It was a long day, but it was fantastic! We got up extra early because we had to beat the traffic to the stake center. Then we set up the rooms, and met with President for a bit to talk about the zone. We went over some general things, then talked about how each person was doing. After that, Elder Flaherty and I each had our interviews. Interviews with President Riggs are always one of my favorite times. It's amazing to have the time with him 1-on-1 and to get advice from him. Then we spent a few hours getting the amazing opportunity to talk to each of the missionaries in the zone! Then lunch with President Riggs, which is always awesome, then after that, more interviews with missionaries! I loved the chance to talk with each of the missionaries here. It was great to hear more about them and ask and answer questions with them. We got some great ideas of things we'd like to do in our area! It was sweet! We had a special question we would ask each person about, too. President Dionne (the Centreville Stake President) is preparing to perform some training for the ward mission leaders in the stake and wanted us to gather some information about what he could train on that would be helpful, so we collected some ideas and info from the zone to give back to him.

Saturday, we had a dinner appointment... With Elder Lafeen!!! ( my first trainer) He was out touring in Virginia, so he came and took us to dinner! It was awesome to see him again, and catch up on how he's doing, what he's been up do, and all that. He seems like he's doing great! It's weird to think he's been home for a year now.

Yesterday, we had a chapel tour with our Syrian investigator. it was awesome, we taught him about the sacrament and why it's so important to us. As we were sitting in the chapel, he said he felt very peaceful and comfortable there. and he says he'll definitely make it to church next week!

Let's see... other exciting events... The weather has been as crazy as usual. We never know quite how to dress. It'll be temperate and beautiful in the morning, scorching hot and humid in the afternoon, then we'll get caught in a thunderstorm all of a sudden! haha it's so crazy, but I love it! It keeps you on your toes, and makes life entertaining! We sometimes have to change ties though if we're wearing silk! don't want those getting ruined!

We tried an authentic Latin place for lunch this week! It's called La Jarochita. One of the Spanish elders had to order my food for me :P It was really good though! I think I had a torta Al Pastor or something like that... haha The Spanish elders had another meal this week that wiped them out though, so I'm glad I wasn't there for that one! haha

We also created a written rules sheet for cleanliness in our apartment haha. Things have been sliding a bit, so we drafted our constitution and it's posted on our wall. Hopefully it helps us keep it clean!

Ther have been a few car accidents and  one sister that has hurt her leg, so we have been doing a lot of the busy work too.

Well, we have a fun day today planned! we're going to go sing songs!  we're practicing for the next musical fireside we're putting on. Then we might play a little soccer or something with the spare time.

Love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Hodgson

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