Monday, December 9, 2013

WEEK 84- Mini conference and the triple Bypass

WHHHOOOOEEYYYY!!!! What a crazy week! So, I think I mentioned last week, but we went to the National zoo. It was way cool!! A lot of fun too. This week for preparation day, we went to go see a heart surgery! One of Elder C's old bishops is a heart surgeon, and he invited us to watch a quadruple bypass today!! So, we arrived and he brought us to a room with a huge window looking down into the operation room. There were also screens with close-ups of the guys chest. Then, he went down to the operating room and went to town! It was so cool! They took a vein that ran the length of the guy’s leg and used that to create new arteries for around the patient's heart. It was one of the coolest preparation day activities I've ever participated in! Elder M and Elder H came with us, too. They're serving in that ward currently.

Well, Monday, we started off the week with a mini-zone conference. It was really good! Since it was mini, we didn't have to present, so we got to just participate. It was great! We learned so much and got to practice some valuable skills. Our conference was on faith and repentance and how to teach it to others. It was definitely inspired, because we then taught both of those lessons later in the week.

Yeah, you heard that right, we taught this week!!! Since we weren't at zone conferences we got to do work!!! So sweet! haha It was so great to get out and just serve people! It made me think of about a year ago when Elder Westover (then an assistant) told me to enjoy my time serving people because a time would come where I'd be called to serve missionaries. Here I am now. Except, we still serve people too ;) We try really hard.

Next week is transfer week, so the business is setting in for that. This week we have the departing temple trip, so that will be neat. I always love going to the temple. This will be Elder C's departing group though, so it'll be sad to see him go.

This week, we had our first snowstorm of the year!!! Yesterday was pretty exciting as it was coming down, but now it's just beautiful! All the trees are iced over in this perfect encasement. It looks like something from a postcard!! I LOVE Virginia.

Our ward had it's Christmas party this weekend, and it was way fun! I accompanied a few people who sang songs. We had a great night!

That's kind of the rundown. Things are great though!


Normal Pday- leave for the office around 8.  We do office work, writing, dicussions and meetings and then we usually have lunch and activity of the day.

How do you use the TNT principles in the mission?
Honestly, Play Theory is EVERYWHERE!!! It's just like LaRee always said! haha What's weird about it to me is not how much I use it, but how I have to use different "lingo" when talking to others. Teaching, Interacting with other missionaries, talking to President, Working with the Bishop, it all just uses a little here and a little there. "Say yes and" doesn't mean anything out here. I have to use different lingo to explain principles.

That's pretty much it. Love you!

-Elder Hodgson

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