Monday, December 16, 2013

WEEK 85- Preparation for a Hectic life

Hey all!! Holy cow, what a crazy week!!! I've decided that my current assignment is one that brings a lot of preparation for a hectic life. We  try to do everything that normal missionaries do, and then have to do a whole bunch of office stuff!!! It's really making me step up and learn how to plan as effectively as possible. It's stressful, but it's a blast, juggling all these different things!

This week was pretty exciting It started with a heart surgery as mentioned last week, but it just stayed awesome!!!  As I think I mentioned last Monday, it was starting to snow. We had our first good snow of the year, and it kept coming!! Tuesday was a snow day! We were all asked to not drive (we got special permission, since we have 4 wheel drive) so, we went and spent the day at the office getting ahead on all the paperwork!  it was pretty funny, when we first walked in, one of the senior sisters challenged us to a snowball fight, so we went outside and had a fight! haha

Wednesday we had mission leadership council. Those are always really neat. President Riggs gave us some really good leadership training on some good principles of love, example and leadership. We talked a lot, too about our mission culture - where it is and where we want it to be. It was good!

Thursday was the departing temple trip. It was kind of weird since Elder Cluff was going home. I almost felt like the "lone assistant" since he was with his group. It was an awesome trip to the temple though! It was sweet.

Friday was the Mission Christmas Conference!! That was super fun! We got to the Stake Center to find out that there was no mic or sound equipment.... so, Elder Cluff and I went on the hunt!! We finally got it set up during the opening hymn... haha It was pretty sweet! We had a blast, we had some great talents and great testimonies shared. It was fun. haha One notable moment you would have been proud of. the battery on the microphone died in between talents, and President called for help with his familiar "I need some assistance!" That's our cue, as I've come to learn, so Elder Cluff and I started racing up to the stage yelling "I can assist! I can do it!" It was fun, so of course as I leapt up onto the stage, I had to let my foot catch. Everyone thought I ate it super hard!! It was awesome :)

Saturday, we helped with the parking at the Christmas lights at the temple! It was fun, but COLD!! And wet!!!

Overall, it was a good week! Elder cluff goes home tomorrow, so I  will have a new companion
-Elder Hodgson

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