Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 87- Christmas in Virginia

Whew!! What a crazy week!! We have been SUPER busy!! We were doing the parking at the temple for the last time Monday, so we moved our preparation day to Tuesday, which for us was shopping and a much-needed nap. :P

Christmas eve we went caroling with our district, which was way fun. Not gonna lie, we sounded pretty good for a group of 19-21 year olds ! haha It was a blast though just bringing some Christmas cheer around.

 Christmas morning we went to Bishop Leonard's home where they had a wonderful breakfast for us and let us skype home which was awesome as usual. Elder Riggs and I were a little fried after when we realized that the next time we see our family won't be over skype, but hey, life goes on :) 

After breakfast we went to a retirement community and played pokeno and sang Christmas carols! I really miss doing that more frequently with TNT, so I really loved doing that again. It was amazing.

Then, in the evening, we threw a Christmas party!!! There was a group of missionaries who didn't have anywhere to go on Christmas, so we (with permission) threw a party for all of them!! We watched the Emperor’s new groove and had a white elephant gift exchange. It was super fun!! Elder Riggs and I realized we kind of miss throwing parties! They're a total blast! I forgot all about that!! haha

The rest of the week, we've just been working super hard!! We've been talking a lot about establishing the mission culture that we want in the mission, and one culture we want to improve on is a culture of talking to everyone. So, that starts with us! Elder Riggs and I are trying to be the trend setters and, well, we haven't found any young single adults thus far, but we're becoming known for dishing out referrals like crazy!! Just putting forth that little bit of extra effort is so rewarding! You get to meet so many amazing people out here and too often we just let them walk by!

The people here in Virginia are just amazing as always. It's such a transient area, and there are people from EVERYWHERE!!! Most of the people we have the privilege of teaching are immigrants from around the world, and it's always just incredible to get to know other cultures and nationalities. I love it!

We took the new "official picture"...Elder Riggs and I are loving working together again!

So, one more funny story, then I'll sign out, but I have to share, especially for all the computer nerds in the family...

So, last night, we suddenly start getting all these phone calls from EVERYONE in the mission saying "We want to drive the truck!!" It didn't take long to smell a prank. Someone had sent out a text to the WHOLE mission saying the first person to call me would get to drive our truck for a week. So, I went into sleuthing mode. We use an assistant's gmail account to send out mission texts, so I first went to the outbox there. Nothing... So I went to the trash box and there it is!! Sent to everyone in the mission except Elder Riggs and I, and President Riggs. So I investigate further. By opening up the message properties, I managed to pull from the programming in the email the IP address for the computer that sent the email. After plugging in the IP address to an IP lookup I got the coordinates of that computer! The source? Salt Lake City, Utah!! right then is when President walked in, so we grabbed him and had him make a phone call. We called the Cluff home. And what did we find? Elder Yates, Elder Litchfield and Elder Cluff (3 of President's old assistants) hanging out at the Cluffs!! We totally busted them!! Within 30 minutes of them sending the email, we had President on the phone with them harassing them!! It was so great!

So, that's my funny story for the week. You can run, but you can't hide. When asked how he knew it was them, President responded: "Guys. I'm the President!.... Oh, and we have Elder Hodgson working on it  and he hacked in and found this all out and now we have the latitude and longitude of your computer."  Gotta love it!!

Love you all!!

-Elder Hodgson

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