Monday, April 14, 2014

WEEK-102- Chinese Hodgson with allegies

Well, this week was crazy and super busy! But that's just about perfect!

The sickness has been going around, that's for sure! Monday evening I
was feeling mostly better, just super drained, then Tuesday morning, I
wake up and elder babb has it! We had to disinfect our entire
apartment, so that was pretty exciting! Drowning in Lysol, but having
fun. It was nice to get it that spick and span!

Wednesday, I had an exchange with our zone leaders. It was really cool
to be on an exchange where I was being  trained again. I really enjoyed sitting
back and learning  some really cool stuff ! Thursday,
we worked hard and got a lot done. Then Friday was when things got

One of the companionships in my district is a trio of Chinese-speaking
Elders, so Friday I had an exchange with them! It was a lot of fun
Spending some time seeing what work in the Chinese program is like, I
Switched with one of them, so I was with two elders from Taiwan! It
was way cool. Elder Huang has been out for a few months. I picked him
up from the airport, so it was sweet to see him in action! Then Elder
Ni was there, too. He's normally in the English program, but is
getting to serve a couple of transfers in his native language. They're
both fantastic missionaries, so it was really cool to see them go to
work, especially in such a beautiful language!

This weekend was busy yet again. Lots has been happening. The most
exciting thing of the week though was some news I got from elder Riggs
and elder day. ..the two APs
We were working on a big “boundaries project’…lots involved in the story lets just say we
And president Riggs were “working/ arguing” with a General Authority.  We wrote up a big Proposal
That we had a great time putting all the information together for.
Then, I got transferred. Well, I
found out that our exception was approved! ! It was awesome to hear!
:) I'd been worrying about it for weeks.

Finally, the weekend ended busy and happy, except for my allergies...
Yesterday they hit, and I've been dying! We have zero Claritin in the
apartment, so I've just pretty much been suffering! I'm excited to
shop today, needless to say haha.

This week, I have 3 exchanges coming up, so I'm super excited for that!

Mom asked  if I was doing OK avoiding the “Trunkies” :  It's weird how things start pulling more and more towards home... As much as I dread some aspects of it, it's getting really exciting. The worst was general conference. I got all sorts of revelation for "brother hodgson" and only a little bit for "elder hodgson" ... Super saddening.

It's not hard to work, and once I'm going I'm focused, but sitting around can be hard. My mind and body are in it, but my heart fights sometimes. People say I'm doing well though

Love you all!
Elder Hodgson

 PS ...
 When I was sick, the zone
leaders asked me to do a photoshop to help introduce the second
quarters theme. When I was in the office, elder Riggs and I came up
with the theme, the annual theme is "In His Steps." Each quarter, we
have a theme to help us focus on something in particular and each one
is a step. Quarter one was "step out of the boat" helping us focus on
the faith it takes to step out of comfort zones like Peter did when
Christ beckoned for him to come out onto the water. This quarter is
"step onto the mount" which focuses on diligence and sacrifice
necessary to move us further along the path we must travel. So, this
was given to each member of the zone at the beginning of the quarter. ( both sets of elders in the picture are his buddies....the fun things you get to do when you are sick :)

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