Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 103- Rain and Rabbits

This week was sure a busy one! It was a lot of fun being a part of the
huge online Because of Him campaign. We spent all week showing that
amazing video to members and people we met, helping them to remember
the meaning of Easter.

Speaking of Easter, we had an awesome Easter dinner last night, and
guess what we ate?! Rabbit!! WE ATE THE EASTER BUNNY!!! It was
actually pretty good! Kind of just really gamey chicken is what it
tasted like. It was pretty exciting.

  Mom wanted pictures in the rain now she has them :)

I don't know how much I mentioned him last year, but my last few weeks
in Annandale, I started reaching a guy named T. Then I got
transferred to Manassas. When I was in the singles ward, the elders
here in Annandale thought the singles ward would be good for him! So I
got to teach him there! Then just last week, he decided the family
ward would be better for him! So I'm teaching him again now! He was
going to be baptized my last weekend in the field, which would have
been an awesome way to finish my mission! Unfortunately, he's not
quite ready yet, so we had to postpone it. That was really hard
because, selfishly, I wanted to be here for it. The Lord taught me a
great lesson though about letting go and doing what's best for him,
setting my own selfish hopes aside. So, that's a bummer, but I'm
excited to watch his progress and continue providing support from

However, this week, we did get to go the visitors center with him
Thursday. It was amazing! I was so impressed with the sisters there
and the tour they gave us. The Spirit was very strong and it helped
Tim to set his sights on the temple and the spirit he felt even just
being close to it.

This week, I also went on 3 exchanges, so I've been super busy with
all of that! I have one more exchange this Thursday, and that's all
folks! It's kind of weird, but it's good to have those exchanges out
of the way before all the final events hit. This Wednesday, we have
the departing temple trip, and I'm SUPER excited for that. I miss the
temple and I'm stoked to be there again.

We've been working hard in our area. I'm back riding a bike again, and
dealing with a little saddlesore since it's been so long. My big,
comfy truck made me soft and weak!! I have to toughen up a bit now

The weather is beautiful. This is my favorite time of year when
everything is green. I'm so grateful that it's turning green again
before I leave. I really love this incredible landscape here.

So, mom asked about my schedule as things wrap up. This week, we have:
-Tuesday, district meetings and missionary work!
-Wednesday, departing temple trip.
-Thursday, exchange.
-Friday, get back from exchange. Weekly planning.
-Saturday, lots of service in the morning, then working hard like a champ!
-Sunday, church and new member fireside.
-Monday, departing interviews.
-Tuesday, last district meetings and missionary work!
-Wednesday, missionary work and packing.
-Thursday, transfer meeting and departing night at the mission home.
President Riggs gives his departing counsel and answers questions and
we have a testimony meeting.
-Friday, get up early and head to the airport.

And that's all she wrote. So, that's what my days look like.

Love you ,

-Elder Matthew Hodgson

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