Monday, February 3, 2014

WEEK 92- super crazy

Wow. This week was another blur. That's really all I can say about it. I apologize again, i'm short on time, but I wanted to get something small in...

This week was crazy! We were making trips to the airport, driving all around the mission for various errands, and teaching a lot!! It was superbusy and we're both exhausted.

Mom asked about the young man who was baptized a couple weeks ago. his name is Kwabena Tuffour and he is from Ghana. He is off at school now doing great and loving his ward.

Of note this week was a funny conversation we had with president. He was talking about how he sometimes enjoys messing with missionaries for fun. He was telling us how each missionary has something you can harass them about, so, being the curious person I am, I asked President what he harasses me about. He thought for a minute and just said: "you know what? I can't. You're too ok with making jokes about yourself and too ok with who you are for anyone to mess with you." in a very weird way, i think it was a  compliment.

Yesterday, Elder Riggs and i ended up teaching gospel principles again... It's a lot of fun just improvising lessons! haha scary, but fun. As Elder Riggs says it: "There's a promise in the Doctrine and Covenants that as we treasure up continually in our minds the scriptures, the Spirit will give unto us what to say in the very hour we need it. Today, we are going to lay claim to that promise!" haha It's always amazing to just turn it over to the Lord and see what He does with your lesson.

Well, this is transfer week, so it's going to be crazy again! I hope everyone is doing well! Love you all!!

-Elder Hodgson

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