Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WEEK 94- short on time ...but a few photos

I'm SUPER short on time today, President needed a pickup for missionaries  with a flat tire, so I'm going to shoot a couple pictures your way with quick descriptions and we'll see where we're at!

Evidence that Elders are still very much BOYS!
We came home one day to find a giant tent/fortress in our apartment that our roommates built with box springs and tarps.( I guess they had some extra time on their hands hahah)

This is Elder Torres inside said tent. We went camping in our apartment haha.

We have had  lots of snow. Remember all the rain the Lord blessed you with in California? Well, it made it to us now! Dave and I had a good laugh...in beautiful Virginia THIS is the snow photo we get  hahahah  well I guess one positive of this many months in the office is that our California boy has learned how to drive in the snow!!

We made a snow bear! During dinner, we sent out a text to everyone who lived in our complex, and we all built this huge snowbear! I can't take credit for sculpting the face. Sister Hills is the master artist there. Elder Riggs has a picture with everyone who participated that I'll send when I get it from him.( yeah that will happen...NOT)
We were tired after we built the bear.

We got rear ended in the snow! Do you see the damage? NEITHER DO I!!! Our truck is a TANK!!! We spent all day almost shoveling snow, and pulling stuck cars out of ditches. The evening part of the day (the part where we got rear-ended) was when we were coming out of a great lesson with Tim, a guy who I met a year ago in annandale. He's a stud and a great friend, and during our lesson, he said straight up "If you give me a good enough reason right now, I'll get baptized." Then the Spirit started speaking and touched his heart and he is now preparing to be baptized in March :) Then we got rear-ended.....guess it keeps them in  the real world... 

Saturday night, I was asked to return to Manassas to baptize Hector, an old investigator from there. This is Hector he is AWESOME. He's 12 years old and will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood within a month. This is me, his sister Christina, his mom, Maria, then Sister Stucki and Sister Schramm. It was amazing to see him, to participate in the ordinance and to see so many old faces there! The Elders brought an old investigator I used to teach, too!

This is us getting our Trunkies a few week ago! Mom Trunkies are his papers that say you are going home in 6 months what airport do you want to fly into?...it makes them "trunkie" or thinking about packing up and coming home.....( no he did not try to grow a mustache...he is just mocking  his mother ...but I do love his sweater and tie :)

Last will be appalling, but it was a one time thing, so I'm ok with it. Sometimes when you don't have time to shop on Preparation days, you end up with Sunday night meals that look like this...
There are NO WORDS....

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