Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 95- ..is a habit forming?

~They have their new ipads…so  they were conducting trainings all day…so we have no letter...We did get a little back and forth banter….
~Matthew said they got 18 inches of snow last week in some areas!
~we went over what classes to sign him up for at BYU for fall semester….sigh I hate pulling him out of the mission like that but it had to happen for a few minutes
~ he thinks his sister looks all grown up in her senior portraits and plans on buying a gun !

~ where is waldo??

~ two of his mission buddies are getting married in JUNE…he is looking forward to that!
~working with some great families, picking up his bike next week to get it all fixed up ( I take this as a hint that he is leaving the office in march but nothing has been confirmed….but the other is AP is in his group so they won’t want to whitewash the office) 
~ he sounds very happy…..what more can a mother want

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