Monday, February 10, 2014

WEEK 93- Oath and a Covenant

Well, this week was another REALLY crazy one! It was transfer week, which is always the craziest week of the transfer. You know what the second craziest week of the transfer is? MLC  ( Mission Leadership Conference) week. And guess what!? Thursday was transfers, and Friday was MLC! We did them both in one week!!! How's that for CRAZY!?  haha

Monday we had some fun playing basketball, then went to the office to get a head start on the week and that was pretty much the whole day! Monday evenings are when we make leadership calls to let people know of new leadership assignments. So, we did that then, too.

Tuesday was packed. We had district meetings in the morning and went straight from there to the "Train the Trainers" meeting at the mission home. After the meeting, we just stayed there all night. We had dinner with the Riggs family and talked a LOT! It was super productive though. We got all our ducks in a row for transfers, MLC and zone conferences, which start tomorrow. We made transfer calls from the mission home, too, then after that, went back to the office for another late night!

Wednesday is always one of my favorite days. AIRPORT DAY!!! I LOVE picking up the new missionaries from the airport. It's one of the best moments EVER! It brings me back to my early days, seeing the anticipation and excitement all at once! This transfer was unique because we had more sisters than elders! 8 sisters and 3 elders! It was crazy! After picking them up, we brought them back to the mission home for their first dinner out here and some orientation stuff. After that, we sat down to double-check if the new missionaries were with the right trainers. After we got that figured out, we had a great opportunity to just talk with President and Sister Riggs. Elder Riggs and I love just picking their brain about things.

Thursday was transfers! It was insane, as usual. We started early, and had a whole bunch of technology to set up because we were watching the Saratov Approach in the cultural hall after as part of our meeting. So, we were scrambling to get bluray players and speakers and lapel mics all set up, and we made it!!! Our office elders are pros, we couldn't have made it without them.

Friday, we sent off a couple more really good friends. They boarded the plane and disappeared into the sunset. We went straight from the airport to MLC, and straight from there to an exchange! Saturday after we got back from the exchange, we went on another, emergency exchange, which we were on until late last night... And that's been our week!

This week, in addition to the many other transfer weeks I've lived through has helped me to see and gain a testimony of the oath and covenant of the priesthood. It says, in the doctrine and covenants that "whoso is faithful unto . . . the magnifying their calling, are sanctified by the Spirit unto the renewing of their bodies." I've seen in a very literal way, my body be renewed as I give my all to the calling I'm in right now, in particular this assignment. There's no logical way I should still have energy to operate, and yet, I'm invigorated! It's a huge blessing seeing the Lord bless me and my companion and all the others who are serving here according to our diligence and trying to  magnifying of our callings.

Well, I'm excited for another week here, and another transfer of insaneness! We have one (1) day this transfer that doesn't have some sort of meeting.... It'll be fun!

Love you all!!

-Elder Hodgson

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